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Learn to unlock the transformative power of your breath. Online.

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Breathe with us

Learn to unlock the transformative power of your breath. Online.

Live Courses
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Teacher & Founder

Hi! I’m Uma,

I've been practicing Pranayama for almost twenty years - these powerful breath techniques come from the Yoga tradition of India, and are the foundation of my health & wellness. Regular breath practice has a multitude of physical benefits, as well as immediately decreasing anxiety and boosting energy levels.  I created three progressive 7 and 5 day courses - From Level 1 Breathe: Discover to Level 2 Breathe: Deeper onto Level 3 Breathe: Dynamic from our kitchen table during lockdown, in response to the global pandemic. Over 5000 people around the world have completed these courses, and have reported reduced anxiety, increased immunity, deeper sleep and better digestion...all  through simply breathing. 

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Live 'in person' sessions in Boneo

Ecstatic Breathwork

Tuesdays 6-8pm
at the Revillaging Project 
182 Browns rd Boneo

experience the true power of the breath

Ecstatic Breathwork is a powerful and unique practice that is an extraordinary and potent tool for our current time...

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On Demand Courses


Our world renowned on demand breath program. One year access to high quality video and bonus practices.

  • 7 x 45 minute sessions in each level
  • Level 1 Breathe: Discover and Breathe: Deeper
  • Audio only option to practice without screens
  • Includes bonus Breathe: Practices - Short guided sessions focussing on each practice - Viloma, Sama Vritti, Full Yogic Breath, Nadi Shodhana, Bhramari etc
  • 365 days of access via our app.
  • High Quality Multi Camera Video and Audio
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 Gaia Abasan Ashram, North Bali
Nov 21-27 2022 

 Breathe: Retreat

A place to turn in, unravel & bloom... 7 days of deep immersive practice in the secluded mountains of Tejakula, with Uma & the both community

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$1790 Double/Twin
$1990 Single/private

Extra bed in the room $30 per night (email me if you are interested in bringing family).
(early bird saves $200 - pay in full before Aug 31 for this cost)

Includes all sessions, excursions, accomodation and all meals.


Book Now - $490AUD Deposit

Hear from our community


“I highly recommend this course and the wonderful Uma Spender if you’re looking to explore the power of Pranayama and all that it stirs up / brings to life / and how you can incorporate this practice into your day! I’m joining again this Wednesday to refine my practice before the advanced follow on course next week. Best way to start each day and what an beautiful offering during this time.”


“Thank you so much Uma Spender- and actually everyone who was there this week. I experienced tears of joy at the end of our practice yesterday.”I cherished the classes I made - I’m breathing better, grateful to be a part of this introduction of pranayama, it really helped deepen my focus in the daytime, and when I slept in and missed a class, I still felt held. Lets continue!”


“Highly recommend this course. I did this last week and found it incredibly grounding, empowering, and expanding. Uma is a phenomenal teacher with such a wealth of wisdom and a beautiful nurturing energy.The breath. Your vital resource. Your life force that will be with you always. Now more than ever, we are called to cultivate it.”


“The week together was so wonderful thank you. I adored yesterdays practice. The Pranayama practice for day 7 seemed like a big leap and felt incredible to release the mind chatter, release any fear and be in the moment and breathe! I too was reflecting on how far we have come in only a week and what fuel for the fire to continue - love it! What a gift to have.


“Thank you so much Uma for a wonderful week. Not only has it brought me back to my breath but it has also brought me back to my journal…to follow the breath through the open doors of my mind and spirit and soul and the curiosity to allow the breath to gently push open the doors…”.


“What a wonderful week of breathing!! Thank you Uma for your incredible knowledge and generous sharing. I am feeling so supported and held in these intimate teachings, more so than I have in some face-to-face learning that I have done in the past.”


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Level 1: Foundations

Breathe: Discover

We've delivered this course to over 3000 people around the world, and now it's yours to own and enjoy for an entire year. Take your own time, strengthen your lungs and immune system as you build the foundations of your Pranayama and meditation practice. 7 x 45 minute detailed videos with rich course material that allows you to progress at your won pace through your Both Yoga library. The course comes with bonus practice sessions, as well as tutorials for all the techniques covered.

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Breathe: Free

We'd love for you to get started with this beautiful 3 session introductory course with Uma. Each session is just 20 minutes, and will give you a sense of Uma's teaching and the opportunity to try basic yet powerful practices. You will have access to Breathe: Free for 7 days after signing up.

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Live Courses

Learn more about our upcoming live courses and course dates. These courses are delivered to a private group via zoom and include:

  • Q&A Time with Uma after practice. 
  • Access to all live videos if you miss a session
  • Private community forum to share and ask questions of others
  • Access to all the videos for 2 weeks after your Live course
  • Offers for upcoming on demand and other live courses
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On Demand Courses now available!

Purchase our on demand courses now. These courses are designed for you to dive deep in your own time, you will own the course for 1 year after purchase.

  • High quality video and audio
  • Audio only access via our app (for practice without screen)
  • Detailed multi camera angles
  • A fully guided course experience, with support material as you progress your way through
  • Bonus practice and tutorial mini sessions to jump right in 
On Demand courses