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Level 1 Foundations

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Level 2 Intermediate 

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Level 3 Advanced

$99 AUD

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Reduce Anxiety

Increase Immune Function

Improve Digestion

Improve Sleep Quality

Teacher & Co-Founder

 Uma Neave Spender

Uma has been passionately sharing the path of Yoga for more than 15 years, bridging the Ancient with the Modern, and loves to take students on deep & immersive journeys of self enquiry & transformation. Uma is a Registered Experienced Yoga Teacher (ERYT 500+), and has been training Teachers for 5 years.


Fully inclusive

You don't need to be able to touch your toes or have fancy leggings, this is truly Yoga for everyone.

Easy access

Catch up on classes anytime, anywhere on your device or laptop via our free app. Go at your own pace.

Safe for all

These practices are safe for absolutely everyone - all ages, abilities, conditions & injuries are welcome.

Pay what you choose

Our level 1 course is 'pay what you choose'. We understand how profoundly the global Covid pandemic has effected peoples circumstances and want to be of service in a meaningful way. 

21 Day Sadhana

Breathe: Complete

Save by Bundling all three courses and receive bonus tutorial course

Commit to the full experience and completely transform your relationship to your breath. Join us with a committed community for the entire 21 days of practice. Reduce anxiety, overwhelm, increase immune function, improve sleep and digestion and connect with a global community on. the same journey 


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Breathe: Discover 

July 18th - 24th (live)

with Uma Neave Spender

Discover the foundations of Yoga Philosophy, meditation, and, of course, the breath. These practices are safe for absolutely everyone - perfect for beginners and experienced Yogis too.

  • Normally $79 - Now 'Pay What You Choose'
  • 5 x 45 minutes Live Zoom Sessions with a private global community 
  • Live sessions are 6am AEDT Mon - Fri
  • Catch up on any missed live sessions with daily recordings updates
  • Experience gentle and powerfully transformative connection with your breath
  • Invitation to our private Breath community to ask questions and share experiences. Community moderated by lead teacher Uma Spender
  • Supporting material in your account to accompany your 5 sessions. 
  • Access to all course and materials for 14 days after completion 

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Breathe: Discover live with Uma

Unwaged Tier.  July 18 - 24

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Breathe: Discover live with Uma

Waged Tier.  July 18 - 24

$59.00 AUD
Breathe: Discover live with Uma

July 18 - 24

Free. Normally $79

Why pay what you choose?

During our first lock down in 2020 we started offering free short breathwork sessions on instagram live to help our friends and community in isolation. We believe that by offering fair pricing we can continue to make this work available for those that are still under financial strain. 


Breathe: Deeper

Aug 1- 7 (live) $79 AUD

with Uma Neave Spender

Ready to go deeper? This course will challenge the way you experience your breath, exploring stronger energy practices to strengthen the lungs and cleanse and expand the subtle body. Please be advised these practices are not recommended for pregnancy and some health conditions.

  • 7 Days live classes via zoom
  • 6am - 6:45 am AEDT.
  • Every class offered as catch up in your course library
  • Live Q&A Sessions with Uma
  • Access to private community
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Breathe: Dynamic

Aug 15th - 21st (live) $99 AUD

with Uma Neave Spender


Join Uma as we take a liberating dive into dynamic pranayama breath practice, alongside an in depth exploration of non-dual Tantrik philosophy.

It is a pre-requisite of our level 3 course Breathe: Dynamic that you have (at some stage) completed Breathe: Deeper (level 2), as we will jump straight into strong and heating pranayama, without spending time on explanations.

This 7 day advanced course is perfect for experienced practitioners who are ready to take it to the next level. We will dedicate a full hour each morning (live via zoom) to increasing the intensity of these practices. As always, each day we will explore Yogic philosophy to aid self enquiry, and invite the powerful breathwork to deeper service and awakening.

If you have done the Dynamic course before, the philosophy shared will be different to previous times, however the breathwork will be relatively the same. 

  • 7 Days live classes via zoom
  • 6am - 7am AEDT.
  • Every class offered as catch up in your course library
  • Live Q&A Sessions with Uma
  • Access to private community
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Level 1 Begins July 18- Pay what you choose and Enrol Now

Experience Global Community



“…something amazing to start the day ... Uma Spender’s pranayam course over 7 days is awesome! I’m signing up to do it all over again as it’s just what I need to keep myself balanced during these stressful times.”


“I just did this wonderful course week - how great to connect with people (and experts) you wouldn't normally get a chance to due to location. I can highly recommend, a perfect start to the day.”


Highly recommend this course. I did this last week and found it incredibly grounding, empowering, and expanding. Uma is a phenomenal teacher with such a wealth of wisdom and a beautiful nurturing energy.The breath. Your vital resource. Your life force that will be with you always. Now more than ever, we are called to cultivate it.” 



The benefits of Pranayama

 taken from www.healthline.com

Breathe: Live Begins July 18